About Utah International

Utah International is a public charter middle school and high school which opened on August 21, 2013 at 350 East Baird Circle (3605 South) in the city of South Salt Lake.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give English learners full access to a rigorous secondary curriculum by providing content-based, sheltered English instruction in every class, and to empower refugees, immigrants and American-born students with collaboration skills, critical-thinking skills, and diverse global perspectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to honor and celebrate each student’s culture and identity while empowering him or her with language, global literacy, collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

A vast amount of educational and cognitive research indicates that these four factors increase student learning and keep kids in school:

A small school setting

Meaningful relationships between teachers and students

Mixed-ability grouping:  No tracking

Teachers who collaborate

Our Unique Educational Approach

Highly Qualified Teachers

Every math, science, social studies, and language arts teacher is highly qualified and  trained in effective teaching methods pioneered by the Internationals Network for Public Schools.

Instructional Cohorts

Students study in untracked cohorts of about 90 students and five teachers (math, science, social studies, language arts, and electives (music, art, physical education).

Small Class Size

Classes are limited to 25 students, with average class size about 20.

Teachers as Mentors

Teachers serve as mentors as well as instructional leaders.  Advisory teachers coordinate with students, guardians, counselors, and administration to ensure student academic and social progress.

Increased Language Acquisition

Teachers understand the process of acquiring academic language for both native and non-native speakers, and incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing along with content instruction every day.

Increased Engagement and Student Learning

Project-based interdisciplinary instruction engage students with hands-on learning that is applicable to the real world.

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