Policies of Utah International Charter School

Utah International School Policies:  Table of Contents

Academic Policies

Anti-Harassment, Anti-Bullying, and Non-Discrimination Policies

UICS Bylaws Revised June 2017

College and Career Readiness Plan

Corporal Punishment, Restraint and Seclusionary Time Out Policy

COVID-19 Prevention Plan 2021-22

Data Governance Plan

Data Collection Plan

Educator and Exit Surveys

Employee Handbook

Enrollment and Lottery Policies

Federal Grants

Fees and Fee Waivers Policy

Fiscal Policies

GRAMA Policy


Membership and Enrollment Policies

Metadata Dictionary

Permit and Use Policy

Personnel Policy Changes During Soft Closure

Safety Plan

Sex Education

Special Education Policies

Student Handbook

Student Transportation Policy

Student Search

Suicide Prevention Policy

Technology Security Policy

Transfer Students

Wellness Policy