Student Search

School administrators may search a student and his or her possessions at school under the following conditions:

The administrator has a reasonable belief that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated a serious school rule or local law, such as use or possession of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, theft, or possession of a weapon.

The administrator may search the student’s locker, backpack, bag or purse with the student or another staff member present. With another staff member present, the administrator may search the student’s outwear (coat, jacket or sweater) and may ask the student to remove shoes and socks and turn out or pat his or her own pockets. The administrator may not touch the student and must replace searched items in good order.

Illegal items (drugs, paraphernalia, weapons, stolen items) may be confiscated and destroyed, turned over to parents, or turned over to police, at the administrators’ discretion. Parents will be informed and other disciplinary action taken if illegal items are found in a student’s possession.

Students suspected of drug or alcohol use may be asked to take an alcohol breath test or drug urine test. Parents will be notified of a drug or alcohol test and its outcome.

If a student refuses to permit a search or drug/ alcohol test, parents will be asked to intervene and do the search themselves or arrange for a drug or alcohol test off-site. If the student leaves the office while waiting for a search or drug test or for a parent to arrive, the student will be suspended out of school until the problem is resolved, and will be placed on a behavior contract.