Sex Education Policy

Utah International will provide sex education as part of the 8th grade advisory curriculum annually and as part of the 9th and 10th grade health curriculum every other year.

Parents will opt in or opt out of sex education for their child, using the USBE-approved consent form.   In most cases this will be part of the student’s registration process so it can be explained in person.  In every case the parent will have the opportunity to sign the opt in/opt out form at least 2 weeks before instruction begins.   Students whose parents opt them out of all or part of the sex education curriculum will participate in alternative assignments during the sex education lessons and will be exempt from work related to sex education instruction.  

Sex education instructors will complete the required certification process when new and as required by USBE thereafter.

Instructors will follow the state-approved curriculum guides for sex education and will not use guest presenters.  Any instructional materials or programs not on the state-approved list will be reviewed and approved by the human sexuality committee.    This committee consists of the health teacher, the principal, any other sex education teachers, and a number of parents at least equal to the number of staff members.   The committee’s purpose is to ensure that instructional materials follow state law and USBE policy and are medically accurate.  

Instructional materials will be made available to parents upon request.    Any complaints about instruction or instructional materials will be referred to the instructor first, then to the principal, then to the human sexuality committee.   If the matter can’t be settled by this committee, the complainant may email the board chair and the board of trustees will review the complaint.

The Utah International board of trustees will review at least every two years state and local data on teen pregnancy, child sexual abuse and sexually transmitted disease, and will be informed of any pornography complaints or concerns at the school.