College and Career Readiness Plan

Utah International Charter School College and Career Readiness Plan


  1. School counselor gives presentation about credits and graduation plans to every 9th and 10th grade advisory class by November of each school year.
  2. School counselor meets with every 11th and 12th grade student to complete a graduation plan and post high school plan by November of each school year. Students and advisors are given a copy of the graduation plan.
  3. School counselor tracks high school graduation plans and checks in with each student completing credit recovery at least 4 times / school year.

Community Access

  1. All 11th and 12th grade students attend two college campus tours per year.
  2. Interested students have access to a Job Corp field trip each year.
  3. All 9th-12th grade students participate in a Career Day each year where they can learn about different career possibilities and connect with community partners.
  4. SLCC Action Plan: UICS partners with SLCC to provide several presentations and parent nights throughout the school year. Students have direct access to SLCC staff who can help them.
  5. UICS students attend any appropriate high school conference (refugee youth conference, Asian high school youth conference, Latinos in Action high school conference, African American high school youth conference, She Tech conference, etc).
  6. Mentors from Westminster available through Promise South Salt Lake after school program.
  7. School counselor available for parent meetings and questions at each parent teacher conference night and participates in a parent group.

Individualized Mentoring

  1. School counselor coordinates individualized services for students as needed. This includes: help with obtaining residency documentation, communication with community partners, coordinating appointments with college admissions advisors, etc.
  2. Home visits and parent meetings.
  3. After school meetings with the school counselor for individualized assistance.
  4. Every 12th grade student completes at least one college application and one scholarship application during advisory period.
  5. Every 12th grade student applies for FAFSA with assistance during advisory period.


  • Every student in grades 6-12 attends an advisory period approximately 2 hours per week.
  • Advisory Standards: Utah International graduates are: Technologically ready, college and career ready, and community ready. See attached advisory standards.
    • 6th Grade Focus :  Community and Connectedness
    • 7th Grade Focus: Community and Connectedness
    • 8th Grade Focus: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution
    • 9th Grade Focus: Transition to High School
    • 10th Grade Focus: Connectivity
    • 11th Grade Focus: College and Job Readiness
    • 12th Grade Focus:  Post High School Transition
  • Performance Review:  Guidance counselor will create an annual written report of activities and outcomes of this plan.  Teachers and staff will examine data annually and revise the plan as needed.