Hall Pass Policy

From the late bell to the end of each class, students must be wearing a hall pass lanyard in order to be in the halls (to go to the restroom, etc.).  Hall pass is not required when going to the office to check out of school, serve a time out, or get something for the teacher.

No hall passes can be used during the first 10 minutes of class.

Students in the hall without a pass will be walked to the correct class, assigned a lunch chore, and charged a hall pass coupon.

Students will be issued 12 hall pass coupons for the quarter in advisory.

To leave the classroom, students give the teacher a coupon silently and take the hall pass lanyard.

Teacher disposes of the coupon.  Teacher can set a time limit for hall pass use.

Unused passes are turned in for extra credit at the end of the quarter.  Students can choose any class for this purpose.  Each teacher chooses how much extra credit to give for unused hall pass.

Advisory classes do an attendance audit every 3 weeks.  Students with over 3.5% tardy must give up one hall pass, over 7%, two hall passes, over 10.5%, three hall passes.  If out of hall passes, one detention is assigned per hall pass.