Student Transportation Policy

Student Transportation Policy

These policies are for official school and after-school activities taking place away from the Utah International campus.

Students traveling away from school for a school or after-school activity must have a signed parent permission slip indicating the date, time, location, and mode of transportation, as well as the name and phone number of the parent or guardian.  Completed permission slips should be carried by the chaperone or driver responsible for each particular student.   One permission slip encompassing a related series of trips is acceptable.

All students have a UTA pass.  The first choice for student transportation is to use UTA buses and trains.  Chaperones must accompany students walking to and from bus and train stops and enforce reasonable safety rules, including walking on sidewalks and using signaled crosswalks to cross busy streets.

When UTA is not available or practical, students may be transported in staff or parent cars if the following conditions are met:

  1. Driver must understand that their own auto insurance is primary; The school’s insurance coverage is secondary.
  2. Drivers must provide a copy of their Utah driver license and current auto insurance to be kept on file in the office.

  3. Drivers must be Utah International staff or the parents or guardians of Utah International students.

  4. Drivers must take the training and pass the quiz at this site:  Print the emailed certificate and give it to the principal for your personnel file.
  5. At least two students must travel in each car.   Students can meet at the school or at a location close to their homes, but one adult should avoid being alone in a car with one student (unless it is his or her own child).

  6. Every student and adult in a car must have a use a separate seat belt.  No double-buckling or riding in areas not designed for passengers, under any circumstances.

  7. Students should ride with the same driver to and from the activity to ensure that no one is left behind.