GRAMA Policy

GRAMA Policy (Government Records and Management Act)

Utah International Charter School is a public entity required to comply with GRAMA, the Government Records and Management Act.  School records are considered public information unless designated otherwise by statute.  Records regarding individual students are protected by law.  The school’s principal serves as the records officer.

If Utah International receives a written GRAMA request, we will provide a copy of the  requested record or a denial of the request with the reason for the denial within 10 business days.  Additional time may be required if a large number of records are requested.  Utah International may charge for the actual cost of copying, postage, and employee time to collect and send records to the requesting entity.

If the Utah International records officer denies a records request, the denial may be appealed by contacting the chair of the Board of Trustees.  A record once requested will not be destroyed until the appeal of a denial is resolved.

(Approved January 2014)