Student Evaluations of Teachers–grades 9 and 10

Students, in one of your classes in mid-January, you will be given time to evaluate each of your teachers.  Please be thoughtful, fair and honest!  Your teacher will not see your name or username, but he or she will see your ratings and comments. Your teachers take this feedback seriously and use it to improve their teaching.  Thank you for your help!

Please click on one of the teachers who taught you during first and second quarter of 2017-18.  When you finish and submit one, return here to do another until you have rated all of your current teachers.  Please don’t rate teachers who didn’t teach you this year; if you do, it won’t be counted.

Ms. Bunker (art)

Ms. Ahmed (math)    or   Mr. Kasteler (math)

Ms. Reynolds (science)

Ms.  Hankishiyeva (history)

Ms. Hercinovic  (English)   or   Ms. Sasic (reading)   or  Ms. Diem (reading)